I’m taking a step back, so I can move two steps forward…

When we speak of careers, we speak of something that is established and worthwhile. I believe mine isn’t going to be as patterned and as fast as somebody else’s, ‘wanna know why? Because I’m preparing for it. I’m paving a way for it. I never had the chance way back in College because of the mistakes I made. I made the wrong choices, for myself. And so… Here I am. 

Regardless, I do not want to really regret about it. I think a part of it was for something better – and if my journey towards my target career may go slow – I want to enjoy and make the best out of it. It’s pretty hard though, as the people around me may or cannot really understand what I really want in life. But that’s fine. I’d rather work on my explanation, and make them see it – than explain in words.

As a kid, I have always been obedient. In the sense that I wasn’t really able to decide on my own. And when I got older, it became pretty hard – because I tend to ask the people around me before I decide on certain things. And I can feel it right now – when I’ve decided to make my own path, and take a step on it – it definitely made me feel lost and alone. I’ve actually wondered, “Am I on the right track? Am I doing it right? Why do I feel that this is wrong? Should I continue going forward?”. But I’ve realised that just because the road felt long and lonely, doesn’t mean it is wrong. 

Sometimes, it is just a part of the challenge if we want to get what we want. Because in time, people will understand. Your career, on the other hand, will never wait for you unless you make a move for it. So, move it. 


Have you ever felt so frustrated over the things that do not go the way you want them to? Of course you did, else you wouldn’t be here, right?

So WHY do they happen? WHY DO THESE EFFIN THINGS HAPPEN? Well, for a fact, they happen because they are ought to happen – MERELY because, (1) of our choices, and (2) because it IS a natural event. You can never question the word NATURAL can you?

Merriam-Webster would just slap you in the face if you did.

Having said that THESE things happen because they are natural events – how do we deal with them? HOW DO WE DEAL WITH CRAPPY SITUATIONS?

Here’s your survival kit: (…and while you’re at it, listen to Fight Song by Rachel Platten, it’s a really good song!)

  1. THINK IT OVER – So before you start spitting ‘angry’ words on someone, something, or somewhere – please do ANALYSE the situation. Review. Define. Organize your thoughts. Why did this certain something happen? For example, why on earth are my utensils for my takeout pancakes missing? HOW DO I EAT THIS? (So this statement may probably run in your mind – but – hold up! Before you blame the cashier from your favorite fast food chain – please do think it over. Why were those utensils missing? Why were those valuable things NOT with your pancakes? AH! You probably didn’t check your order before leaving the place! Correct?)
  2. ACCEPT – It’s OBVIOUSLY easier to accept strangers in Facebook than accept the strange things happening around you – but – to lead a life that IS stress-free, you WILL need to apply the same thing. Acceptance is a difficult thing – perhaps, you may think the situation over and over before you arrive in this crucial stage of dealing with crappy situations- HOWEVER, I highly recommend that you – my dear friend – master this skill. Acceptance, above all, brings peace in the chaos of our minds. Hallelujah!
  3. RELOAD – Dealing with crappy situations – that are natural – may drain you emotionally and physically. (NO DOUBT!) Thus, you may need to reload, and deal with life again. Rest and load your thoughts with positive ones – that’s how I would want you to reload AND of course, have faith in HIM, that in the course of difficulties and struggles – he is there to guide you. You are never alone.

These crappy situations may vary, nevertheless, if you believe in the outcome of goodness – positive events will come and rescue you. In the first place, why would you add a NEGATIVE to a NEGATIVE and expect for a POSITIVE result. Right?